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Charities we are supporting

Head way is a brain injury charity which specialises in all brain injuries. Whether the injury was sustained during a accident or through physical illness they are here to support you. 

The Encephalitis society specialise in research and promoting awareness about all types of encephalitis through support groups and also meet and great events for individuals and families effected by this illness

The Story of Boots for brains

A incredible story 

Abi was diagnosed with Autoimmune NMDA receptor Encephalitis in June 2022. Prior to diagnosis Abi's behaviour radically changed to a aggressive like manner. She had multiple seizures and was eventually sectioned with stress induced psychosis. She was placed in a psychiatric hospital for three and a half weeks. Following diagnosis Abi was placed in a medical induced coma for nearly four weeks to be treated fully. Abis misdiagnosis is something that she never wants to happen again. The aim of boots for brains is to raise awareness about this rare illness through the power of rugby. We will be selling the boots of international and premiership rugby players 

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